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Hello World!

Since 2024, more than two-thirds of the world's population are digital users.

The digital world has rapidly become a facet of everyday life, yet, 

the current design has been developed by an unchecked minority. 

 To reduce the current system's power imbalance, the relationship of influence between the society and the digital world must go in both directions. As this realm expands, the more the digital world must abide by the rights and values upheld beyond its borders.


We must collectively think critically and creatively how to design this frontier.

The goal of this site is to identify, question, and reimagine our relationship with the digital world.

To foster a conversation, this content is organized into two components:

systemic problem.jpg

Define the Digital

Acknowledge the "system" by which design choices and practices of the digital world are functioning

reimagine ideas.jpg

Design the Digital

A space to self-reflect and reimagine our relationship with the digital world

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